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For my puppies on the cheap

I have a Yamaha 650 VStar that I will be carrying on back of my RV and going full time! Want my dogs to enjoy the ride, too. Under $1,000 and would like it to be detachable. (asking for the moon, I know... but can't hurt to ask). 🙂

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When you figure in your budget, keep in mind that you not only need the sidecar but attachment hardware that will work with your bike. "universal" seldom works well if at all.
We offer bike specific mounting hardware, my office manager owns a bike like yours with one of our Kenna sidecars on it. Works out great for her. We have nothing new or used in your price range. Up the budget to the $2500 range and we can help.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Thank you, Jay.