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Fly and Ride


 I agree don't use a tag that don't belong for it.  In some states you can go to MV get a temporary tag, but sometimes that can be a bigger pain.

Seller has agreed to leave his plate on it for the ride home..

Well it's home. 951 Miles by the odometer. No place to mount the Garmin yet so couldn't get the true Mileage. This rig is sweet  Fuel mileage stinks, just staying with traffic knocked 50 miles off a tank.

Needs a better seat and some place to put my right foot while riding. Foot board on there now has to go.

I have been riding since 1979 and for the first time ever I had a Semi come over as I was passing and push me off onto the rumble strips. Never stopped or slowed down. That was Sunday this is Thurs and I think my heart just slowed down. When I stopped for the night I found one headlight was out so I'll give him that the as the reason he missed me.  Professional? Hah.


Big Tom, glad to hear you and your new rig made it home okay.  Assuming you had a great ride doing so. 

For the right foot, on several rigs I added a railing between the lower front and rear sidecar mounts, using  2 by 2 aluminum angle, U bolts and a non-skid stair step tape. Being able to change the position of your feet is important on long rides. 

Aftermarket seats pop up on eBay frequently.


Post up photos when you get a chance.

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