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Fly and Ride


Hey all. I'll be flying up to Colorado next week to pick up a 2005 GW/Champion Daytona 2+2.

My longest day on a rig is about 150 miles so I'm looking for recommendations as to what to take along on this 800 mile trek.

Helmet, Jacket and Boots will go in the suitcase as it's too hot to wear them to the airport.

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Big Tom, congratulations on getting a great set up. That is  a well put together rig. 

Depending on which way you are going, heated gear if heading to higher elevations, vented gear if heading south. Rain gear no matter where you go.

Since moving to three wheels, I don't need heavy riding boots any more, only water proof ones.  The jacket and pants are more for climate needs not so much road rash. Both vented and waterproof gloves, balaclavas for wind and sun protection. Several sun glasses as the cheap ones scratch easily, but no big issue if lost.

A tank bag if it doesn't have one, for all the little items that make hours on the road easier. Hard candy, is easy to pop one in, eases the long ride too.  Chapstick, a road map if you time to explore side roads along the way. Avoid the interstate system where possible, there are scenic byways in all directions from Colorado. Definitely a camera for a ride report later. Before leaving Colorado, buy a case of bottled water to stay hydrated and dry snacks for rest area stops. Plan on stopping every 100 miles or so to stretch the  muscles.

Would suggest a duffle bag for flying, suitcases are hard to squeeze into a sidecar truck. 

Am jealous, have a fantastic ride, you will love the Wing rig. 


Also a tire plug kit and air pump.  Looking fwd to stories and pics from the road.

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Since I'm directionally challenged, I'd suggest a GPS.  I know a lot of folks say that all they need is a map but when you are truly lost the GPS will tell you where you are and once you've found a road you want and make a turn, it will tell you if you chose the wrong direction.  There are also VERY GOOD maps on your cell phone but if you are in a place where there's no cell coverage they obviously don't work.

When I'm on a longer ride, I find that ear plugs are a real help.  For some reason, I don't get as tired and I'm more comfortable if I cut down on loud road noise.  

Please be safe!  When you get tired, take a break or call it a day and find a place to overnight.

Enjoy the ride.

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Thane Lewis
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Adding to what Al says, Sysgic is a phone GPS app that does not require an internet or cell phone coverage.  It worked well in remote areas of the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming last fall.  Some of the add ons like speed camera or traffic reports do require cell connectivity and the state maps needed are downloaded in advance.

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Thanks Mike.  I'll check that out.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Still working on my list. I'll post it up when it's complete.

Bike has a 12 Volt socket so I'll be bringing my Garmin for directions. And a Batt Tender cord to plug in my Gerbings.

Thanks for the suggestions so far..

Bring the license plate from my GW for the ride home or ride it without a plate?  I have it insured but not registered..

That all depends on your risk tolerance. Neither way is kosher, though have done both and never had a problem. Have also written on a piece of cardboard, TEMP TAG, wrapped it in plastic to make it rainproof.  Or wrote LOST TAG, No Problem either time. Any LEO's out there who can answer this better? 

I wouldn't put a tag from another vehicle onto any other vehicle.  Cops will sit and run tags because they are bored - if a tag comes up registered to a different vehicle, now they have an excuse to....let their imagination run wild.

As long as you've got a bill of sale and title, any stops because of no tag should be brief as long as you don't have anything interesting in your personal history database...