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Florida Sidecar Driver Wanted


Long story short, I have a friend who has always wanted to ride in a sidecar. I'm reaching out to see if anyone in Florida area would be willing to take her for a short ride. We live in Tampa, but will come to you. Willing to compensate for time.


Thanks in advance

Live in Englewood, about 80 miles south of Tampa,  GL1500 with Hannigan 2+2.   Give me a call, semi-retired so have time, just waiting on reverse switch to replace it.  Should be here Monday, easy fix.  Call 941-662-9935  Paul.    I don't let the phone control me so don't always have it with me.  Leave a message and I'll get back to you.  





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I'm in Tamarac, next to the Sawgrass and Alligator Alley. If you are in this area, let me know. Could meet at the res and drive on Snake Rd. I'll be happy to help. Cell: 754-229-1230.

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Did Lee Sales friend ever get a ride ?

2009 Yamaha Venture with Hannigan Hack 1999 Valkyrie IS 2006 Goldwing 2021 Ram 3500/6.7HO

Never heard from anyone Tom.  Nice to meet you at the Mena Rally. 

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Love that photo above, don't see many shots with the open tops in a row. Very colorful.

Great memories from WAH-SHI-TAH Ramble Rally.

Doesn't look like the original poster Lee Sale has been back to check in since November.

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Big Tom