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Florida Keys from Miami ride July 30

Leaving Miami early, 6 to 630, Sunday morning stopping for breakfast mid keys and having picnic (stop at Publix and get some goodies) at a park or somewhere along the way back. Should make it to Key West, but will be leaving before noon. Anyone interested, please respond to:


Well, you all missed a great ride. A bit hot, but a great ride. 2 hacks and one two-wheeler, 5 people and god knows how much water, gatoraid, energy drinks and other liquids. No one peed. Not until we all got home and had a few "punches" on the aft deck. Great trip, no problems, good food, good folks and a great ride.


That is great to hear Jim. I am almost over my trip north and want to get over your way. I am going to have to set a side a week end and do it. I have made plans to make a week end in Daytona in Oct maybe then if not before.


Ride Safe


Trying to plan a trip to North Carolina in late October, probably too early for the best color, but maybe get a hotel room. Leaving Miami somewhere around the 23rd of Oct. and returning 7 to 9 days later. Would like to stop in Greenville, SC to see Jack, as I have never met the man, but then up somewhere where we can make a central location and do day trips. Trying to get hack1200 into this but he wants to go to AL to the historic motorcycle museum. No hills and not much color. Road today, got caught in a really bad tropical wave that dumped over 3 inches of rain, but got to try out the new rain suit. Works pretty good for 60 bucks. Just don't put your arms up. A bit of water up the sleve.



Oct is booked for me Check you e-mail.