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I am starting to get as much info as I can on the Florida sidecar riders here goes , please this is for Florida members ..

how many of u have more than one rig ?
how many ride Urals ?
how many ride daily ?
who would like to see group rides ?
how many ride performance rigs ?
so just send me what type of rideing u like ..and what you ride!!! lets start rideing lets get small groups together than get the groups together and build the NSCA ..

Thanks , Rich
PS contact me so I can meet and ride with you...I plan on rideing all over the state meet as many as I can

Welcome, I ride a Ural 2 or 3 times a week. I have DONE my long rides so now just an hour or so in the wind. Look for a PM.

thanks I need your address and a good time to ride over to see you...looking at urals my self...working on a new rig not sure what it will be next

Call me.

Hi Rich:

I live in the Srasota-Bradenton area. I ride most every day, short and long trips.

My ride is a Triumph with a Hannigan sidecar.

Group rides or any rides are fun. Riding further is even more fun.


Have not met anyone in this area with a sidecar.

Hi Rich, I ride almost everyday on a cycle to an from work. Haven't taken a car to work in over three years. 100 mile + commute rain or shine. Now that I have a rig I switch between bikes occasionally. Have a Gwing with Hannigan and a CBR1100xx Blackbird . Group rides would be fine. Got the Goldwing so the wife and grandkids could go sometimes. Wife won't ride on the CBR.

Live in Orlando and ride when it is long enough to get the bike warmed up. Road Glide with Friendship II. I think I have met you in Silver Springs when that was going on. Do you come down to Holopaw for the Ural gathering? Or do you know about that?

Live in Lake Wales, Fl.
I own two Harley softail with sidecar rigs, my 2014 has a Texas Sidecar with it and my 2002 has a Motovation Spyder being installed as i write this post. We also own two Harley trikes and am going to sell one and buy another softail and have a CSC trike kit installed on it, my wife likes the CSC kit much better than the stock Harley trike. We both work and ride as often as we can and usually attend events in the state of Fl. and in the summer in the state of Pa. like the National event this year. I am really not into Urals as i know absolutely nothing about them, but still enjoy looking at any bike with a sidecar rig attached.