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Y'll come Florida sidecar rally Mar. 15-18 2018.Silver Springs State park Ocala Fl

I live in Englewood, Florida and am new to sidecar ownership. Hello to all Florida cyclists.????

As we are planning to go to both, Sidecars in the Smokies and the national rally I am keeping an eye on your plans as we would like to join your Fla group on the ride up.
have you put together any potential time frame or travel routes yet.
We participated in the ride to Yellow Stone before the rally in South Dakota that Al spoke of, I can tell you we had a blast and met a lot of great people.

USCA # 8913

ok it has been a long crazy few months for me but I am finally back in the game . I just booked my rooms for the Rising Sun Rally now I have a place to stay ...all I need now is to get my rig finished.

I will be working on a route and time schedule for the ride up. so if any body is going let me know so we can have a rally to the rally..

My wife and I will be going to the Rising Sun Rally so please keep me posted.

any updates on FLA rally? March 15th - 17th?

I do not know anything about the March rally... funny since I am the Fl rep?? I am not good at these computer post things and seem to mis a lot and not get what i want on


Welcome to the world of trying to be a state rep. It can be a lot of fun but very time consuming. I tried it two years in a row and decided I needed a rest. Be careful of burnout.

Mike In MS


Hi Rich:

Is the rally to the rally still on?


I have res at sun ....and plan on going are the only one to ask so far ...we need to plan this soon...i am still without my rig...but will go on my shadow if I have to...
call me at 407 -353-9221 but you will need to leave message ...don't answer unkown numbers any time ..

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