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Florida’s “y’ll come” Sidecar Rally

Florida’s “y’ll come” Sidecar rally. We are in stage one we have picked a place and time. Silver River State Park that is just out side of Ocala, Fl and this is the center part of the state for ever one. There is a link below to the park.

Date will be Friday Mar 02 2007 to Sunday Mar 04 2007.

You will need to make your own reservation; there are no fees to attend. And the sooner the better as there is a lot to do near by and this time of the year. This is open to any non-members, hack or solo bikes, we don't care.

As for what all we will be doing that is step two and are just getting started on that so if there is something you would like PLEASE contact me. The best way is by e-mail but my info is below.

There will be more to follow.

Richard McClure
USCA # 7146
9925 Ulmerton RD
Largo, Fl 33771
E-mail RMM4479@MSN.COM
Cell 727-946-5262

Ride Safe

PS: To the above Yes that is the start of Daytona Bike Week. But it is only about 75 miles down FL 40 or 1 and 1/2 hours. A nice ride and much cheaper to stay in Ocala than Daytona.

I posted your info at SCT and also sent it to Chris at Hack'd magazine. Never know maybe we will see you there. I am from Tampa originally and it would be good to take another trip down south for your rally and bike week.

It came to me this morning that I set up this site to post updates and get feed back about the Rally then did not tell anyone where it was.

I can use the feed back I can get. lol