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Fleximum sidecar?

Is anyone knowledge about the Fleximum one wheel sidecar built in Quebec? Never had a sidecar and I am looking. Very interested in the one wheel version.

Have e-mailed them a few times but still waiting for info.


Hello Labill,
All sidecars have only one wheel.
They are mounted at the outside edge of the sidecar, (bike on one side, wheel on the other side.)
The Flexium had a little wheel in the middle of the sidecar like the Flexit and was suppose to lean with the bike. I have never seen one in person and only a few photos. Search for Flexit also.
Try this link to the most comprehensive sidecar photo and builders list that I know of.

OK I know some about the Flexit They were going to start making it again but I understand that that fell through.They did have a small wheel in the center I hade one on a K100 LT and it was a lot of fun.I think the biggest complaint was I broke two windshields.

Hi labill

What would you like to know about the Fleximum SideCar


Best Buddy

Well I am happy to say that I spent 3 hours with the owner of Fleximum.
He had his brother come in from Quebec city with his two seater one behind one front. Amazing, as I am seriously looking at this one for my needs. One nice thing not mentioned on his site, there is a lock mechanism to prevent tipping when stationnary... not meant for travel.
If you are serious he will rent a sidecar attached for 500$ a week for testing and it is deducted from the sales price if you buy one...
It is really a love affair for the owner building these sidecar one by one for your specific motorcycle, mine BMW K1200LT 2005. He builds over the winter and ready for Spring... base price 5000$ canadian...

Sorry, that a side car always has one wheel is wrong, EML ( dutch sidecar producer ) made a sidecar with two wheels ( more like half a car because the front wheel is steering ).
Greetings from holland,

Ingmar Walboom

i have one myself yellow painted like the bike . A real jewel while driving. starts and stops need more experimentation. Can drive 80-90 mph without any problems with two people in the side.The guy who make them dont speak english so it is a problem can send you pictures of mine representing themselves outside canada. patrice

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That may be technically true, but in many states in the U.S. if it has more than three wheels it is no longer a motorcycle.

(32) "Motorcycle" means a motor vehicle, excluding a tractor or an all-terrain vehicle, which is capable of speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour with a 150-pound rider on a dry, level, hard surface with no wind, with a power source as an integral part of the vehicle, and which meets the conditions under par. (a) or (b):

(a) Type 1 is a motor vehicle which meets either of the following conditions:

1. Is designed and built with 2 wheels in tandem and a seat for the operator, and may be modified to have no more than 3 wheels by attaching a sidecar to one side of the wheels in tandem without changing the location of the power source.

2. Is designed and built to have no more than 3 wheels, seating for the operator and no more than 3 passengers, and does not have the operator area enclosed.

(b) Type 2 is a motor vehicle designed and built to have at least 3 wheels in contact with the ground, a curb weight of less than 1,500 pounds, and a passenger and operator area with sides permanently enclosed with rigid construction and a top which may be convertible.

I own a Flexium, they are great. Bought it for my wife, willing to sell it... we can neg on her 😀

If you're serious about selling ( the sidecar-I already have a wife )let me know? here or e-mail at

Yes I was serious... listed in on eBay, sold it for $2200 USD... got paid... guy has not yet picked it up. I suspect he will come calling from BC - (I live in Ontario) once the snow is gone.

They are the best

You drive like a normal bike. I have driven the Harley with a sidecar and its not as pleasent to drive.

If you can find one, go for it

Thanks for replying! I'll keep an eye out for one.Good luck with that snow!

How does one get hold of them to build one,I did a search and their website doesn't work.

I can't seem to find the website for the Fleximum side cars. Would anyone have the email address for them?

I know that some of Flexit were going to do it again, but I understand that this is not through.They dropped a small wheel in the middle of what I hade K100 LT, and it was a lot of fun.I that the biggest problem I have broken two windshield.

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