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Family Fun

Hello all. Got a ride coming up that should be a real adventure. Friday, my 14 year old daughter and I get on a Greyhound bus in Hattiesburg, MS headed for Northern Ohio. Twenty six hours and 30 minutes later, we arrive in Napoleon. We will spend some time with an old friend and then take charge of the new/old rig I bought awhile back and ride/drive it back to South Mississippi. Plan to stay off interstates and enjoy the back roads. Looks like it will be a little over 1,000 miles. I'm guessing at least two over nights since I'm old and tired.

Found the rig on It was about 60 miles from my buddy's home. Sent him the check. Previous owner rode it up to his place. He inspected it and then turned over the money. It is a 1999 Honda VT 1100 T with a 2003 Dauntless sidecar. Had just over 7,000 miles on it. Barely broken in! Friend had the rig gone over in detail by a mechanic. Two new tires, floor boards added, cleaned out fuel system, oil change, and more. Will be ready to roll when we hit the ground. Got to party a little first though. 😉

More later,
Mike in MS

Just an after thought.

Put 448 miles on my V-Star/Velorex rig this weekend. Warming up for the Ohio run.

By the way, I'm not nearly as old as Lonnie. He should be an inspiration for all of us. I'm just 71. :O

Many many miles of cornfields in and around Napoleon, also some sections of the old Erie Canal can be seen in western Ohio. Sounds like a great trip with the daughter, have a safe one.
Some of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen were in Mississippi.

Got home Tuesday about 4:35 PM. Been catching up on chores. Covered 1,072.4 miles on the trip back. Will post more later.

Mike in MS

This was a great experience for the girl and me. The bus ride up was a real lesson in American culture for my 14 year old. She saw and learned things not suitable for posting here. And I thought the airlines were a mess. The public bus system in this country is a disaster. Wound up staying in northern Ohio for a week. Did some local touring and got accustomed to the rig. Have already put over 3,500 miles on it! The entire time we only saw one other sidecar on the road. Ran into Ron from Michigan in Hamler, OH while visiting with my buddy's wife's cousin. Ron was on his way to Tennessee with his awesome Victory with Canadian made sidecar pulling a camping trailer and carrying a handsome full size poodle in the car. He did not know of the USCA. Of course I enlightened him. Life is an adventure. Wrote an article that will appear in the "Sidecarist" in the near future. Also had the opportunity to visit the Hannigan Sidecar factory. Met and chatted with Dave Hannigan himself. A highlight of the trip.

Mike in MS

Dave is a great guy. When I picked up my rig from the factory in September, I was having a heck of a time learning the sidecar ropes. Dave sat me down and talked with me a while about sidecar philosophy and then took me out personally to learn how to drive the rig. A great and knowledgeable guy, along with the rest of the Hannigan crew.


That sounds a great time Mike!