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fall sidecar rally in Mid-West Sept 20-22 2019

Locked in campgrounds fall sidecar rally in Mid-West Trotwood Ohio Sept. 20-22 2019.

sort of a Buckeye Rally II.

Dave VP USCA running for President.

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Sounds like a good time.

"Sometimes, it is Fun to let them Slowly pass by, then Smile, as they wipe the drewl of their face."


I'm sorry the dates conflict with obligations I have.  Your Buckeye Rally I was the first USCA National Rally I attended.


Sorry it doesn't work out for you.  Hope to see you in Idaho


I could not get camp ground 12- 14 but I locked in September 20-22 2019



Hope to make it there.

Really hoping to make it. Did not find any details other than date an location. Could you fill me in ? Thank you.

I set that up before I left for USCA national in Idaho.   When I get back I'll put more together.   Thanks for asking.   Dave