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Factory HD sidecar questions

Were all Harley sidecars installed at the factory or dealer?

If anyone has one I need to know how wide an Ultra with the OE sidecar at its widest point. Been shopping for one and need to know if it will fit in my trailer.

Are there any sites that have a good history about HD sidecars.


Harley sidecars were installed at the dealer. The sidecars were made in a factory in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, and the bikes in York, PA. The dealer would place the order for both, they would be shipped individually to the dealer, and when they arrived, they would perform the installation. I have two that I purchased new, a '96 FLHT/TLE and a '03 anniversary, FLHTC/TLE. In both cases the bikes were delivered  a few weeks prior to the sidecars.

The sidecar owners manual for the '03 lists the width at 76.250 wide. That would be from the left side fairing, to the nut cover on the sidecar wheel. Me personally, I don't feel comfortable loading into less than an 8 foot wide enclosed trailer. I have an open trailer, so that's not a problem for me.

Hope you find what your looking for!

Tom, Ride Safe! AMA, HOG, IBA, PGR.