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EZSteer on a goldwing?

For those who have sidecars attached to a goldwing.  Do you have EZSteer installed? If so has it made the rig easier to handle or not? Also curious as to what degree you have, 4, 6, or higher?  Thanks for any info.

Had a 1994 Wing 1500 with 6% EZ Steer. Cost about $1100 installed. Was a huge improvement in ease of steering. Did several 700 miles days with it that would not have been possible without it. Can highly recommend. Was money well spent.


All Goldwing owners with a sidecar with whom I've talked about EZ Steer have praised it.  I've been riding a '98 Valkyrie with a Motorvation Formula II LTD sidecar without EZ Steer.  If I didn't have electric lean control on my rig I would have purchased EZ Steer a long time ago.

I have modified trees on my '82 GL1100.  Big improvement in steering effort and head shake is almost non-existent.

I have to agree with all above, it makes a HUGE difference and makes those long rides so much more enjoyable

worth every penny. I went with the 4.5 on my 1500 with a Motorvation II  car. I still get slow speed head shake but it is far less than it was without

the easy steer

USCA # 8913

Thanks, feedback much appreciated. Sounds like all consider it a very good investment. Keep you posted.


are you going to be at the Sidecars in the Smokies this year. If so I'll let you take mine for a spin and let you see for yourself how much better it handles

USCA # 8913

Thanks, really appreciate that. This year we’re going to the Horizons Unlimited Gathering in Va. It is the first time for us. We were scheduled to go last fall when hurricane Florence hit.  They gave us a pass to one of this year’s gatherings. Will miss seeing all of you. This’s is the first time in 4 years we won’t be there. The 2 events are scheduled on the same weekend.Enjoy yourself. Ride safe

did a quick search, that looks like a lot of fun. I will look into that more. You guys have fun and ride safe

take pictures and make a thread about it after, I would like to see how it goes

USCA # 8913

Wow, just had the EZSteer installed at UNB customs in Denver NC. Makes a major improvement in steering and overall driving quality. They also realigned the sidecar and that also made a big difference. Hats off to Kent, Ewe and Diane for a great job!

Now you know why we say installing the EZSteer is money well spent.  Enjoy the HU gathering.

Thanks, will do.  Will let all of you know how it goes.