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EZSteer for 2018 GL 1800

Just an FYI Hannigan has designed an EZSteer for the 2018;goldwing. Appears to be priced in line with the BMW mods.

FYI, the first person who brings us a new GL1800 to install a sidecar we will supply the steering modifications for free. They will be similar to what we do for the BMW K1600 which does not require taking the fairing apart nor does it require sending us your parts to modify.
Jay G
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Wow, until now I thought i’d Seen it all. Guess not. To me, “a bird in the hand is still worth 2 in the bush”. I’m sorry to see my post being used this way!

Boy that looks like sauce, it might work well but it looks like someone in there back yard did that. That would not go on any of my bikes.

Just installed Heli risers. Has made a difference in ease of steering. Not an EZSteer but a noticeable difference in the turns. Anxious to see how it works on our trip to OH. Keep you posted