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Electric sidecar…has the time come yet?

A few years back Ural teamed up with Zero motorcycles to create an electric sidecar.  Darn, wish the time would come when someone would produce one.  Guess I will keep my eye out for one of those bmw R1200C bikes that one has added a sidecar to as they have a lot of low end torque on that engine it seems…don’t know about the rear end gearing though.

Had a 2012 royal enfield (EFI, first year) 500cc Bullet with Kozi.  When I went to pick it up, used, I could not believe how small it was lol.  Should have keep that one though not enough power really.

Does one have to settle for a hard suspension ride on the bike due to a side hack being attached?  Sorry if dumb newbie question.  That royal enfield did not feel like it had any save for the foam in it’s dual seat.

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I have seen photo's of the Electric Ural, no idea if or when it will be in production. For all I know it may be already. We have been getting requests for sidecars for electric bikes for the last 20 years. Dreamers, no one has had us do one. As to the suspension with out a sway bar you are going to need to have firm suspension however firm quality suspension works well. The Enfield has suspension that is good enough to get people to buy the bike, not knocking the Enfield, pretty much that is the case with all bikes and for that matter sidecars, we use Hagon suspension, yes there is better quality shocks on the market but as a manifacture you have to balance quality and price.

One nice thing about an electric bike, it could be set up to also provide reverse.

My electric car has reverse, they just run the motor backwards.
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