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Elections 2009



An Election Chair will be appointed by the incumbent Board for the upcoming election and will be a member not serving on the current Board or seeking election.

A. All participants, nominators, nominees and voters shall be members in good standing of the USCA as of the date of their participation in the election process.

1. Send the name of the person you wish to nominate to the Election Chair. For nominations, you may use either the post office or e-mail. Nominations may be made starting January 1, but must be made by March 1. Postmarks and/or e-mail time stamps will be used to determine timely nominations.

2. The Election Chair will verify that all nominees are members in good standing and, in the case of Regional Directors, that the nominee does live within the region.

B. The nominee must confirm acceptance of the nomination. The confirmation must include a statement indicating acceptance of the nomination and the nominee's name, address, phone number and membership number. Any candidate statements and photos are to be sent directly to the editor of The Sidecarist for inclusion in the May/June issue.

C. Confirmation must be received by April 1. Postmarks and/or e-mail time stamps will be used to determine timely confirmations.

D. The candidate statements and photos will appear in the May-June issue of The Sidecarist along with a ballot. Paper ballots are the only accepted voting media. Ballots may be cast until June 1. Postmarks will be used to determine timely ballots. Members may vote for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, but may only vote for Regional Director candidates within their region.

E. The ballot is a good opportunity to collect other information and opinions from the membership; therefore other questions may be included on the ballot form.

F. The Election Chair will receive the ballots and bring them UNOPENED to the national rally where the Election Chair, a volunteer group of members and at least one member of the Board will open the ballots and count the votes. The election chair must notify the board immediately if attending the rally in person will not be possible. In this case the unopened ballots will be brought to the rally by a board approved election chair representative.

Note: All board positions are for a two-year period with overlapping terms as follows:

2009 Offices for nomination are The President, Treasurer, SE Region, Midwest Region, SW Region and North Central Regional Directors.

Election Chair 2009
Gail Perszyk
631 E Mariposa Dr.
Redlands CA 92373

There are three weeks left for nominations. So far 1 nomination for Treasurer so we have a long way to go. Please contact me if you would like to be nominated or know someone willing to help the club by serving on the Board of Directors.

Today is the last day for nominations and I'm pretty disappointed.
The bad news is that there are no confirmed nominations for SW or NC
along with the open NW position.

There was always this conception that the USCA was most active in the East half of the country. I've done my best to erase that idea but without votes on the Board it will be hard to keep us headed in the right direction.

It's really not that hard a job. Send me an email!