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Elections 2008

Elections will be upon us again and the positions of Vice President, Secretary, and the Regional Directors for the Northeast, South Central and Northwest will be open for nominations. This is your chance to make changes or to support someone already in office. It is time to start thinking and volunteering. This is your club and you make it what it is or isn’t.

I nominate our Oregon State Rep, Peter Russell, for the NW Regional Rep position. If Peter declines I will run again, but I believe he is willing and will do a wonderful job.

Nominations close March 1. We are still looking for people willing to serve on the BOD. The offices open this year are VP, Sec and Regional Directors for NE,SC and NW. Time is winding down and some offices don't have a nominee. If you know someone willing to volunteer please let me know.

NE - Chuck Tretyak has accepted the nomination

SC - Jim Doyle has accepted the nomination

NW - Peter Russell (Oregaon) has been nominated and has accepted. Waiting for confirmation of current membership.

Secretary - Rick Long (California) has been nominated and has declined.

Vice President - Dave Szkudlark has been nominated and has accepted. Mike Smith (California) has been nominated and has declined.


Steve, Does this mean that the Treasurer position then opens up? Linda

Hi Linda,
For reference you can check out this thread:

The Treasurer's position will open up and we will seek a volunteer to fill the rest of the current term. We will try to fill any vacant position in the same manner.

Joyce,Thanks for the link. With in that link it states that a member apparently can hold more than one position! Are there any restrictions or guildelines as to which two positions one may hold? For example; A board member holding A,B,C,D,can also hold with a position in E or any other volunteer or appointed position, but no combination within A,B,C,D? BTW,Thanks for all your hard workLinda

The quick answer is no. We haven't explored any combination of positions. That being said, some positions are more critical to day to day operations than others and some positions can remain open for longer periods. The treasurer is pretty critical and checks need to be written and bills paid, so if we don't get a member volunteer we would probably have to look to a board member to keep things going.

Good answer Joyce. Keep marching forward and if you run out of any bills to pay I certainly have no problem sending you a few stay warm, spring is coming soonLinda

It's 70 degrees here and I see some patches of green in the yard. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today it feels like spring.