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Election Chairman 05

The Board is looking for a volunteer. The offices up for electionthis year are President, Treasurer, SE Director, Midwest Director andWest Director.The election chair receives the nominations, verifies candidates arecurrent members. Then receives the ballots in the mail and transportsthem unopened to the National Rally where they are counted by acommittee.It is not too hard a job. So if you don't plan on running for any ofthese jobs but will be going to WA next year this might be a job youcould consider.

As Centeral reagional director Joyce Canfield has no right to speak for the Board of the USCA when asking for a election chairperson. This is a matter for the full board to take up at the November board meeting.ALSO there is nothing in our Constitution and or bylaws that dictate that the vote tabulation must be done at the national rally in Washington state. The new/returning board members are not seated until July 1, 2005 as so kindly pointed out by Al Olme at the 2004 national.
Colby M Cousineau
Vice President USCA

Colby I know you were not at the last Board Meeting but John-remember him? He asked that Board members come up with potential names for this position. The final decision to be made the Nov. Board meeting. He said they must be going to the National in WA. There are folks from MY region who are going. Now how are we going to get those names unless we askfor volunteers? This information must be in the Jan/Feb Issue of the Sidecarist. Unless you already have an Election Chair or maybe you aren't even going to have an election this year, either way you have not communicated this to the Board or asked for any input. I am sure that with this positive message from the "acting president" we will certainly have folk’s lining up 6 deep to volunteer for this job.Maybe we should change the subject to "100 ways to Deal with a Bully".

I will not decend to your level of mean spritedness,But let me assure you and every member of the USCA that the business of the Board of Directors of the USCA will be conducted according to the Constitution and By-Laws. There was not a motion, a second or a vote at the last board meeting on the issue of an Election chairman, and the By-Laws will be adheared to as to where and when the votes are counted. ( See my post in USCA News.) As to being acting President, I did not ask for that, John stated he has some personal issues that need his attention so he will be indisposed for a while, but that his phone remains a means of comunacition if some one needs to talk to him. Does that sound like he is hidding out as you were quoted as saying by JR Lewis? Until his return I will function as asked and as my duties as Vice President charge me to do.
Colby M Cousineau