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Economy sidecars

We are offering 4 "Economy" sidecars based on 4 of our current models but stripped down to the bare essentials and for a limited number of bikes. 3 models are $4995, the one based on our Tomahawk sidecar as it is larger and takes more materials runs $5495

The web page is still under construction with more photo's to add once we have photo's

One way we are keeping the price down is to offer very limited options, just a brake, shipping crate and we will up grade the mounts to a few other bikes for an extra $500

We are not installing any of the snaps for the windshield and tonneau covers as these sidecars are intended to be painted and would have to be removed to paint.

This is an introductory price that will be going up. In time once we can hire more help (hard to do right now with the government adding $600 a week to unemployment benefits)  we plan on stocking these. Current lead time is about 6 weeks.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


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