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Eastern Continental Divide

Joined a group of Goldwing riders gathering in eastern West Virginia, trying to find a straight road. They failed!

Was the first opportunity to really try the Honda DCT transmission on twisting winding roads with a fast riding group of heavy bikes.  Being the only sidecar rig was a challenge to keep up with the other Wingers on the narrow mountain roads, but switching to Sport Mode, adding a case of water ballast in the sidecar and applying the sidecar control tips learned  from Marcus Renfro, was able to hang with the faster riders. A spirited ride does give your arms and upper body a workout.

No photos taken during the ride, but grabbed several when we stopped for lunch.


First time seeing a Heisler V-twin steam locomotive. Has six axle gear drive to climb the mountain rails. Now is a scenic train fro tourists, but in its' day, hauled logs off the mountain. 


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  • RefurbishedVictorian-Home.jpeg
  • Elkins-WV-Smallest-Church.jpeg
  • Heisler-V-Twin-steam-locomotive.jpeg
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Captain who owns Bent Metal motorcycle shop in Rupert WV said WV has alot of straight roads.

Straight up and straight down.

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