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Earl's forks (leading link)

Looking for a web site that had Earl's forks for Harley's. The site I saw showed a very custom, chromed and well done set; but now I cannot find the site again.
Anyone know?

Unit does list leading links for Harleys. (HARLEY DAVIDSON) XL Sportstar, FLHTC, etc. These would not be chromed of course. Where are you located C.W.? Possibly a custom set would be more to your liking.

Regards Sean

You also may want to google 'trikes'. There are manufacturers out there doing chrome leading links for those. be sure to tell them it is for a sidecar rig.
Lowell Neff does leading links but I don't think for Harleys.
We could do a set for you but will not chrome them due to hydrogen embrittlement concerns. They could be powdercoatd to a chrome like finish though. Woudl need the bike in house to do the fabrication though.
Most are going with modified triple trees today to ease steering effort. They are less expensive and utilize the stock fork tubes etc.

The word from the UK is that Unit is no longer in business.


Abridged 9/26/09:
Unit is back on line after being bought by another entity. So the LL's are again available.
Doug Bingham (SideStrider) is a Vendor.


driving a 91 HD Springer Softail with motorvation side car. Trying to locate heavier springs for the springer and softail shocks. I am also trying to find a flat face treaded tire for the rear of the bike. it is a stock rim, 16", and I can not find a car tire small enough to fit. Any suggestions? Prefer to not change the rim and fender due to cost and looks, but know that if I can't find the tire I may have to.

Unit has been restructured and is doing fine now...I talk to them often...I have several of their Unit Leading Link units and they are the best..... (one of them is in the Classifieds)


There are many sidecar manufacturers

Maybe you can find that!

best regards!

I don't know for sure if they make what you are looking for, but you might try Side Effects at good luck in your search.

Have you had any luck finding leading links? Let us know what you find.