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Doug Bingham's Run to Willow Springs for Vintage Motorcycles and Sidecars

As a lot of you may know Doug Bingham California's Mr Sidecar passed away a short while back. We as the SoCal SideCar Club and Kevin whose father was Doug's partner on the rig wish to pay tribute to Doug at Willow Springs. 4/23/16 - 4/24/16. The people there and the AMA are very happy with this and thinks it is a great gesture. I am planning a group ride up from Los Angeles to Willow Springs on the Saturday I plan to camp overnight at Willow and I am assured that this is permitted. We also get to ride around the track in Doug's honor on Sunday. Here is the link to our site and I hope some of you from the CA part of the world will join us.
One thing about our club , We don't care what you ride 2 wheels 3 wheels or 4. We just like to have fun

you can sign up to get updates it is free and we just like to ride no other bs

Admin if there is anything in this against the rules of the site please edit as necessary

I see no problem with this post. And good luck with your run. We will all miss Doug.

Too bad I can't be there...