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Dogs And Sidecars

Dog's sometimes are adept to riding and then some don't like it at all. But if you are lucky and get a dog to ride I would think he would be confident enough to be your shadow at a rally. Impulse control is an issue with some dogs. I do not allow squirrel chasing so I have less to worry about, cleaning up, water, target blanket and such:)

Great video.

Got my Dog...
Still waiting for my Motorvation!!!

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Now begins the training and treats.

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Absolutely seeing dogs in sidecars. Must admit, however, that our little 20 pound "guard dog" is not sidecar oriented at all. No amount of praise or treats is going to change her opinion.

The guys that did sidecar dogs are doing a second one. They're on kickstarter with it, only three days left:

I coughed up for it, but there's a way to go yet.

Have fun!

our 2 Beagles, Albert & Fernand, like any sidecar!!

Absolutely love these pics. Our little 20 pound "baby" won't even come close to the sidecar. If placed in it, jumps right out. No amount of praise or treats will change her mind. Darn!

This is a very inspiring thread.

I have just recently started training "Kozi" a female dog of the streets we adopted. She was born some time in January and we don't know what she might grow into. Started her riding with a human and eased into solo rides. Longest trip was today when she and I went to the county courthouse to pay the taxes on one of our rigs, a round trip of about 28 miles. Only problem today was when we stopped at the insurance office to make a payment and the lady there had to run out and take a picture. Kozi got so excited she peed all over the seat. The folks at the vet are begging me to bring her in to her next appointment in the sidecar. On our first ride around town (1,038 according to the census) we almost had a serious accident. Rolled up to the stop sign near the back of our yard and Kozi saw my wife in the yard. She tried to leap out and run home! Think it scared me more than her. Now we make sure the tether is short enough that she cannot clear the sides of the car.

I'm going to try to post some pictures but have doubts about my technical skills.

Pictures ???

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Try again on first picture.

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