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Dogs and Sidecar

Well, I find my sidecar a bit on the small side now. When I had one German Shepherd my Harley sidecar was perfect, however I now have two so what to do? I finally decided that I would build a new bucket that was big enough for two.

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Very impressive work. I look forward to seeing the finished tub. are you going to glass it

Agreed, very impressive work!

A good solution to getting two large dogs to fit... Another is Ron Ridenour's solution- both dogs jump in and he tells them, "You guys work it out."

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I like the way you think.

You guys work it out => bad for the smallest (Camilla the Tacobell Pinsher bread, rip)...the two large ones Labrador and Irish Setter/Golden bread followed and jumped in at the first stop, unisono on top of her... good laugh for all who stood around.

Bravo, I like the idea: "Lo que no se consigue, se hace."="What you don't get, you make up."
That was my motto too during the first 15 years of my machine shop.

Very nice work.