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Dog Riding Partners

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Georgia has come full circle! We went on our 1st DOG bikecamping trip recently..WOOHOO!! She did great!

kayakinbiker - 8/16/2011 5:18 AM

Georgia has come full circle! We went on our 1st DOG bikecamping trip recently..WOOHOO!! She did great!

I saw some very good photographs following the link in your other post, but I didn't see a dog??? 😉

Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

Goofy story as to why... I thought about it after I posted my pix and wondered the same thing! HAHA!! I took a FULL memory card with me on this lil trip and every time I wanted to take a pic, I had to pick and choose what to delete so I could make room to take any pix! Doh!! I will try to take a pic on sunday when I do the humane society ride.. this is what happens when ya don't post your pix to your page,ya have hundreds of pix ya need to post, don't wanna lose alot of them and don't bother buying a new extra card...takes me a long time to post stuff as i always add comments and adjust crops and colours.........

Im in Portage la prairie manitoba....Id post a pic but not sure how..LOL..

I have pix on my pages.. this site posting stuff baffles me.. I tried to add an avatar but it says my thingies are too big! HAHA!!!

managed a pic in my album

you're just as brain dead as alot of us here! HAHA!! You should have just posted it in the thread! HAHA!! Don't mind me.. just jiving ya..

I woulda if i could find out how...


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instructions just are not clear enough for us braindead puter peeps..i have a pic on and my FB but can't seem to change it on my aero forum or add 1 here..if i did it alot maybe i would get used to it but i don't feel the need to.. it's enough that i have to post pix on my pages......

There ya go! Cute dogs! Do both of them go with you? Georgia has her own helmet and doggles too! But she needs training to keep them on.. she rides in a Tbag carrier right now..

My first dog that rode with me in the sidecar was a German Shepherd. I could pull into rest stops and throw a tarp and sleeping bag down and have a snooze without ever being bothered. LOL She would stay in the sidecar untied until I told her to get out. It took a friend that new her some time to convince her to get out and as soon as she saw me she ran back and jumped into the sidecar again. Since then I have had two miniature Dachshunds that had to stand on top of the blankets no matter how cold it got and my present Border Collie cross that was two days away from the SPCA as her owner was being deployed and couldn't find her a home. All of them have learned to keep their heads behind the windshield. It did take putting Doggles on the Border Collie until she learned that if she stayed behind the windshield she could ride without them.
All of them were secured to a ring in the floor until they learned to stay in the sidecar until told to get out. Now we only use the lead to tie her in when I am out of sight of the sidecar such as at a gas station and it has to be chain because she can chew through anything else faster than I can reach to door of the building. I choose not to tie them when driving. I don't want to be tied to the bike in an accident if one happens and I don't want her to be either. I do remove the seat from the sidecar and place a mat on the floor to give her a place to stretch out and also to sit her deeper in the sidecar which makes her more secure. She will choose the sidecar over the truck every time despite the fact I have removed the passenger seat and replaced it with a bed for her. B

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Archie was a member of Biker Dogs ( but I haven't signed Henry up yet. Once he gets things down pat, I'll sign him up too. If you haven't already, check it out.

Nice pix! Thanx! Still no sidecar and still thinking about it...i think I like the Motorvation Spyder for my Aero...not driving a car anymore so maybe this will egg me on to do more OT at work, pay some bills down and get going on the sidecar thing...

Here is a pic of lil G, Georgia with 1 of her pair of doggles...

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I have a convertable top for my sidecar..I replaces the leather with heavy net and it fits right on and my chihuahua cant jump out and has the run of the sidecar...

Woody, my newest dog, will be starting to ride soon as his bime carrier is being delivered monday.. he has to be travel-ready for august so lots of riding has to be done!

My dog, Dexter just took his first extended ride today. He did great and I look forward to extending his riding hopefully to include a weekend camping trip in the next couple of weeks.

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In honor of my pup Jax, 5th birthday today.

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