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Dog Riding Partners

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For those who take their Dogs with them, in their sidecar, maybe you can help me out by telling me or describing how to hook up a safety harness for my dog. Not sure how my dog is going to take to riding the sidecar at first and surely don't want her jumping out while moving. I had thought of building a bird cage like shell over the seating area, just as a safety percotion and still allow her to sit up, with the wind in her face. LoL

Any suggestions or comments would be most appreciated.

the safest thing to do is put a chest type harness on the dog..NOT a collar, and attach the leash hook to the underside of it, Then attach a short leash to the sidecar inside somewhere that when extended, will allow the dog to just reach the edge of the sidecar, to get his head 'in the wind' but not long enough to allow him/her to stand up on the side, and the chance of being thrown overboard in a sharp turn or even trying to jump out. If the dog is small, a pillow can be used to elevate him/her to the desired height to be able to see over the side without stnding up.
fasten the other end of the leash down inside somewhere to allow the pooch to go down inside if it desires.
some riders have no restraints for thier dogs, stating 'he doesnt try and jump out', but there is always the chance of being THROWN over the side in a sudden manouver.I found this out the hard way. or. rather, My dog did.

When Archie first started riding with me in the Ural I used a harness meant for seat belt use. I had a large D ring sewn on about half way up or a little more on the chest strap. I made two leashes with swivel hooks on each end and put eye bolts in the car. He could stand up or lay down but not bail out. There is a story of his first ride on the Ural home page where the owners stories are. He never made any attempt to get out (except that first time when it was parked- see the story) so soon we were down to one leash on the harness then one leash on his collar then no leash. He jumps in when it's time to go and doesn't get out until I give him the word. He pays no attention to other dogs, kids, rabbits or anything else other than just sitting there scoping out the world through his doggle covered eyes.

dont push your's or Archie's luck by not restraining him. remember **** can happen, and will. time for my story.
my zu behaves the same way..would never hop out of the SC until I opened the lid to let him out. even at stores and restaurants. one nice day I took him for a ride around the 'hood. we were traveling slow...25-30 around the subdivision, till I got to dead end circle. rather than going into it i made a quick left swerve back to the street. and continued on. about 2 blocks further I looked over and saw the Pepi was gone!!! his leash was hanging over the side of the sidecar!
I stopped instantly and ran around to the curb side, ans saw that the collar was still on the leash and the dog was gone. I immediately retraced my steps looking for him. I found him 4 blocks back with a lady who found him sitting on the curb all dirty and limping. seems he was standing up on the seat when I swerved, and was thrown overboard. the rear of his body flipped over the side, and he was hanging by his neck in the collar. he must have been dragged by the leash a short way before slipping out of the collar, which saved his life. if this would have happend at a higher speed out on the highway he wouldnt be here now!!
use restraints!!always!! that do not allow the dog to flip over the side.
I learned the hard way.

Hi Jim:
Eye protection is very important for dogs exposed to the wind. The wind dries their eyes. They make dog eye goggles called Doggles. Doggles are available in many pet stores, and online. Here is one website:

Looking forward to meeting you and your dog at the ID rally.
Gail in CA

That's for sure Gail. A number of years ago Barb and I met a guy who had an eight year old German Shepard who rode on the back seat of his Harley with him. That in itself is something I didn't think I wanted Archie to do. But the thing that made an impression on me at the time was the dog was nearly blind because of the wind and debris. No goggles of any kind. I doubt Doggles were around then but maybe... Some other pair could have been converted. Archie and I made a great run today. Went to the top of Steptoe Butte via 231/23 Sprague to Steptoe then home via 27. Lunch in a Mom and Pop restaurant in Oaksdale. Super local crowd having Easter lunch. The conversation was so good we stayed long. Doggles all the way when we were moving down the road...

yup, gail, they are a necessity to the dogs..I have them also.takes awhile to get them used to them. but..they riding unless they wear them!!

I fabricated a fiberglass roof to contain my dogs and it worked well. My pooches really prefer to be in the hack and have never shown any inclination to jump out and "explore". I had a webbing net just in case but haven't ever used it. It was designed for a velorex but I've since modified one to fit my current Chang...

Here's a couple of links in case you wanted to see it:

Since I'm running out of storage space, I may be offering the molds for sale soon.

Rob (rockjok)

Been on the road with Spirit for 7 months now... It all depends on the dog... he will only jump out (once) when we crashed and I was glad to have at least 6 to 7' of line!!!
You can read all about it here:

Be well...

Ara & Spirit

Good point Ara. You wouldn't want your best buddy to bail and hang in front of the sidecar tire! It's a real challenge to figure out how to restrain in such a way that they can move a bit (stand up, lay down etc.) but not go over the side.

I used a harness meant for seat belt use with an extra D ring sewn in the chest area and two short leashes early on for Archie.

I have a Motorvation Spyder that my schnauzer rides in. She wears a standard dog harness. The harness has rings at the shoulders that hold it together. I attached links (the universal kind with the threaded portion in the middle) to these rings.

There is a pet retention chain attached to the floor of the car with a bolt. To this I attached a Y shaped dog lead designed for walking two dogs on the same leash. The two ends of the Y terminate in spring snaps for attaching to two dog collars. Instead, I attach them to the two links hanging from the shoulders of the harness on the dog.

I made the whole affair just long enough so she can lie down, sit, stand, and poke her nose around the outside of the windscreen. But not long enough for her to get out of the car.

Here's an example of what that Y lead looks like. Any decently stocked pet supply place should have them.

The universal chain links should be available at any hardware store, building supply store, or fleet store.

Here's a pic of what the harness looks like. The rings at the shoulders are where the extra links go.,%201%22%20Color:%20Blue&ref=3665&subref=AA

Harnesses like these should be available at any place that sells dog supplies. I also got an extra snap to hold the harness together at the place where the leash would normally attach. That way, even if the plastic "Fastex" type buckle comes undone, the harness can't come apart and let the dog out. Belt and suspenders, but it makes sure that the four legged passenger stays put.

dogs belong in kennels not in sidecars. get a wife or girlfriend.

Originally written by shortcut on 6/6/2007 8:47 PM

dogs belong in kennels not in sidecars. get a wife or girlfriend.

My wife of 37 years rode with me for a whole lot of those years. When she decided she wanted to give it up, I bought the first rig to see if she'd like riding that way. She didn't but I did and Archie did. I suppose I could have got a girlfriend but I kind of want to do another 37 or so years with my wife... (lol)

in case you haven't noticed- i'm the resident "cynic" here. some people don't even reply to my harsh comments. nice people here. Archie is fine. a lot better looking than some wives and girlfriends and probably doesn't eat as much. have fun.

Well, he never complains about where we go, when we go, how fast we're going, what lane I'm in, how far we've ridden since the last potty stop, etc, etc, etc... Not that Barb ever did either... One more addition to your wife or girlfriend comment- or get Grandkids!!

This week I heared the comment,
that if the lady would have known that grand kids would be so much fun.
She would have had them first.

I had a try this week with our Irish setter/golden retriever breed.
She sat in the sidecar still for 3 minutes, kept still on the flat pavement, but jumped our on the slope to the road, nearly in front of a passing car...
and there was no way to call her back until she got home on her own feet...

Enjoy your day.
Its the first of the rest of your life.
You apreciate it much more when you live allready extra time.

Sven Peter Pan

I've got a clip-on cover for my sidecar with a waterproof top and mesh sides so they can see and get air

And here are the passengers Chilli and Deety

I need to make clear plastic screens that velcro onto the inside of the cover before I clip it on, then it will be good for all seasons.


Unfortunately the Doggles do not my dogs head very well, too much turbulence due to the gaps. She's always go a screen to sit behind.


Who made up your screens for you? Did you make them yourself? I was looking at fabricating some pvc pipe that just curved and dropped down onto the hack in a cage-like manner. It would have screens on it, but I like your design a bit better. Any info on it?

Made it myself. I am a qualified Motor Trimmer (US lingo= Auto Upholsterer), I just don't do it as a job these days. Basically I made it from one piece of heavy Fly mesh material(as used on camper trailers) and sewed a waterproof panel on the top, then reinforced all the edges for press-studs. It wasn't a difficult job, show the pics to an Upholsterer on your side and see if you can get a similar thing made.


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