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Dog In Sidecar

Sven: Thanks for sharing your thoughts--I'm now thinking that putting my dog (a German shepherd) in the tub might not be a great idea. If something went wrong, it could go terribly wrong in a hurry.

Rich in NM

When I was prepping my 3 y/o golden, Barley, for life in a sidecar I started off by making really good things happen in the parked hack. I fed him in the hack, gave him treats, installed a very comfy dog bed in the rig, etc. Nothing bad ever happened there, never a harsh word spoken. It became his safe place well before I even turned on the engine. Then I introduced the engine noise, and finally we moved on to short rides to cool places: swimming holes, hiking paths, businesses that offered dog treats.

By the time we started riding for real (several hour trips) he considered the hack his own, and when we were away from home if he was startled he ran back to the sidecar. This came in very handy when we took our week long, 1500 mile camping trip through Ontario and upstate NY.

Unfortunately, I never did manage to convince him to wear his doggles. The good thing is he only looks around the windscreen at 20mph or below. Above that he peers thru the screen, and above 50 he just lays down.

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If he likes riding in a car, hanging his head out the window, he'll love the sidecar. You just need to get the right harness or a car with a removable top. I have a Siberian Husky and a Friendship III sidecar(2 person). He has yet to ride in it because it was a project just for him and near complete. It has a removable top and side windows. Go out to and you can see what they look like, but I don't think they make them anymore. Here's a link to a guy on craigslist with a 2+2 sidecar he's selling, but pretty pricey.

Our sidecar dogs were/are, Nana a Irsh Setter/Golden Retriever bread (passed by last year), Negra a fat labrador bread, and old Camilla a tiny Pincher bread, which looks like the original Taco Bell Chihuahua.
Nana was about the size of a shepherd, There was no trouble with her in the sidecar as long she wore a pretty large chest harness hooked in at the chest.
I cannot recomend to tie them down at a neck collar. They FLY, twist their neck badly and the back legs go over board...
Had it happen in the real beginning some 3-4 times at pretty slow speeds and fast I got real harnesses.
I wouldn't like to have it happen at higher speeds or in an emergency.
All 3 dogs have/had their "stand up speed limit" at 70km/h = 43mph, Nana ran beside without a lash at about 35km = 22mph and for 4 km or more even when she suffered cancer. But only out of a village, inside the other dogs bothered her too much, so she asked me to hold and hopp - inside she was.
Sven 😉