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Dog In Sidecar

I have a TLE and trying to find out how to get a big dog in and out of the hack without scratching it up,do you have to pick them up every time? Also how do you mount a harness to hook them in the hack?

I don't know about your TLE but on my Liberty, Archie jumps in and out without ever touching the side of the car. Main thing that messes it up a bit is slobber... do a Google search for dailymotion riderstories tom and archie and you'll see how it works for him. At least it worked that way before the FCE. I might have to help him now and that's OK, at least he's still riding.

A guy I know with a Harley Sidecar takes his Lab everywhere. He has a bath towel in the sidecar. He brings out the towel and puts it over the fender before his dog gets in or out. I know all dogs have different ideas about getting in and out but it might help with the paint.

I put some of that clear 3M paint protection film on the side of mine to protect the paint. You can find it on ebay . Rick.

My lab, gets in and out without touching the paint, My Dnepr has a step right in front of the hack's wheel, he hops on that and on to the seat.

I don't know what a TLE is, does it have a step?


Scratches everywhere, even on top of the tank..... When the boat was in repair. 14 year old Camilla Pincher-market bread didn't have the patience to wait. So she decided to drive solo too.
The name says it already:=> MotorCYCLE. they are for to ride, not to polish....

Now the dogs are happy again and I feel a little more comfortable since the new boat base is equipped with a resistant dog latch.

Best wishes from the best summer we had in years.
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Thursday beautyfull and empty. Sunday completely jammed..... ::::===>>> An der Planung kann es nicht gelegen haben, denn es gab keine! -It cannot be due to the planification, because there was no such thing involved: 1 lane into each direction , second lanes only on steep hills, like in the original plan!

Hallejulia that's Costa Rica,
Did "Tres Patines" from "La tremenda Corte / tremenous court" escape from Cuba and settle down here?

A month later but you might want to check this out;

I got a Alaskan Husky,(half siberian and half manmute), just turned 11 and because of tearing out his ACL's from chasing coyote's, he's fat and can't jump. I have a Friendship III sidecar and am either going to make a foldup ramp, or do some fab work on the car, to get him in. I've been working on this Venture/sidecar project for almost 2 years and down to paint now, so doing a little more fabbing won't hurt, but I don't think he's got that much longer left and he gets peed when he sees me taking off on the HD or the Vstar. Here's a pic of him when we used to go out on the boat.

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I think a ramp or a special step device would work fine..... I have a small dog...and she rides everyday...but waits to be lifted in and out...she easily could jump, but I do not allow's obediance training... I have a 14" teather inside and attached to the inside grab bar on the left when she is on the right she can not get much more than her head out that side..... does not matter on the left side...your leg is right there... although she has never even had a close call...and never tries to jump out... (I control when she gets in and out) I think it's good training.... so she does not jump up and scratch the paint... (not that it matters much to me)... just not good dog manners, like charging the door when she goes out...(she waits to be invited out).....


The Dnepr (Dnepier) is a Ukrainian BMW M72 Clone which has a step in front of the fender.
The TLE is the standard Harley sidecar where one enters over the top and drops in. It has a small frame mounted step plate.


Cann't help much with geting in and out, I have a Daytona 2+, it opens like a clam shell and my buddy justs steps in. However, he always wears a harness with a dual dog walking leash. It clips into both sides of the harness. I modified the handling end with a buckle that allows me to adjust how much play is in the leash. I use the seat belt in the hack to secure the leash inside. He can move to either side and is happy with the setup. Oh yeah, the slobber wipes right off the hack and the wife.

Enjoy and be Safe