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Do you use your rig for day to day family transportation?


I'm looking for a few folks who use their rigs as their regular family transportation. It doesn't have to be exclusive but at least regular. We need folks to be interviewed for a national newspaper story about sidecars. To respond, please send me a private message at THX!

Just sent a private message..

Mike in MS

Article here.

I have a p/u but only drive it about one or two times a month. The rest of the time I get about with my sidecar rig or mobility scooter or wheelchair.
And I am building a special sidecar rig to carry the wheelchair and my accordion so I can better abuse tourists.

Long before I went with sidecars, my motorcycle was my "car". Rode it to school where I taught everyday (rain or shine - not much snow here in Portland, OR). My students called me the "friendly Hell's Angel". Average annual milage was between 12 to 16 thousand miles a year. Rode to conventions wearing full leather and really enjoyed the looks on the faces of my music teaching friends! Now, with a sidecar, I'm doing the same but have since retired. As yet, my wife of almost 50 years does't ride much because she has an eye condition that causes her eyes to tear up terribly with the slightest breeze.

I payed the dollar just so I could read the article. Funny thing is, at the end, the school instructed Mr. Robinson to stop using a sidecar to bring his child to school. What the…? That's one of the main ways I plan on using my sidecar!

I put more miles on my rig last year then my car. It was 23f when I left home this AM but I do not have kids. Define family.

Not with my current rig. Back in the mid 70's to 80's when I rode a sidecar it always got more miles a year than my car. In fact, since about 1969 when I first started riding (two wheels) until about ten years ago the bike or sidecar rig was my transportation of choice. Then about ten years ago I switched back to sidecar because of family health issues and the car started getting more use. Just this week I decided I will have to get a battery maintainer because it sits a lot during the winter, I've never had to do that before.

I won't pay to read their article. What school was Mr. Robinson taking the child to? Last year and the year before, I carried my daughter to and/or from school and school sponsored events in a sidecar on a regular basis. Most at the school, including principal, teachers and students thought it was cool. Several teachers asked for rides. But then, our school is not part of the nightmare in the public system. My girl attends an old, well established Catholic School. She is even getting a decent education.

The only reason we don't use the rig much now is because we are carpooling this year and the other girl's mama won't let her baby ride on a motorcycle..... :o:-(

I won't pay to read the article either but it seems to me if you bring your own child to school in a vehicle that's legally licensed for use on the public roads, the school has no business saying you have to use another vehicle. The child is not under their care or supervision until he/she sits foot on the school property. Or rides the school bus.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom