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Do you name your outfit?


Hey Chet;

I've got some in-laws who are named Lee (including Robert E. Lee) as I see what you mean.

On the other hand, I'm not at all familiar with the sidecar you mentioned, while perfectly familiar with the GW. I'd enjoy seeing a photo or two if you can get it in the album here on the forum, a thing I need to learn to do myself.

I'm still busy preparing to paint my hack, and am also in the throes of trying to design an independent braking system for the sidecar itself (does yours have a brake?), an idea I was fortunate to find right here (make no mistake about it, these folks know their stuff and are willing to share)....I expect, before its over, I'll end up aggravating them with so many questions some will begin to take my name in vain.

I have a five year warranty on my 18 month old Concours....and heard someone remark that I might jeopardize that warranty by adding a sidecar. But shucks, I'm an unapologetic do-it-yourselfer, and anything less than a complete engine overhaul I'd do myself anyway, regardless of the warranty.

So I'm going to carry on through with mine and hope for the best. I've set an arbitrary deadline for 100 percent completion to coincide with the rally in Bean Blossum (Indiana is it?) this coming June. To tell you the truth though, I'm looking forward to meeting the sidecar folks just as much as having and enjoying my own outfit.

By the way, does your new rig have a name?



I have a 93 BMW K1100 LT with a dnepr car. I call her Caramea. In other words Car of mine. OF course I am Italian. Billyboybeemer

Hey Billy;

"Caramea" I like, and can even pronounce properly....I think.

On the other hand, did you misspell the word "dnepr"? I cannot recall ever seeing that word, nor can I conceive of a way in which it could be pronounced safely in today's politically correct socio-economic climate.

Perhaps some letters are missing from your sidecar's name? Could it have actually been something along the lines of "Ladnepreene"? or perhaps "Grandneprone"? Neither of which appear in Webster's of course, but there is "lagniappe" which is defined as a 'little something extra', which could easily refer to a sidecar, which is course, something extra insofar as the bike is concerned.

I'd certainly enjoy hearing what the full name is if you can discern it without undue difficulty.

By the way, thanks! (and I'm kidding just a bit above. Shucks, if you can't have little fun, why bother to go on living?).


Oh Boy, Had me going for a bit. Thought for a while I had run into a sidecar person who had never heard of a NEPER. Doesn't help that I am the worlds woyst at spellin. I always say it's a sad day when you can't laugh a little. BBB

Hey BillyBoy;

Ahhh....we wouldn't be into bikes at all if we didn't have a good sense of adventure, enjoyment and fun.

And its pretty apparent you have a good sense of the language, else you wouldn't have come up with such a pretty and expressive name as "Caramea"; and even "Billyboybeemer" exhibits a good example of originality.

I don't know, in a way, its kind of like those bumper stickers you see that say something like, "Ask me about my Grandkids", which you've got to admit, says volumes about the owner of the car. Anybody excited enough about grandkids to shout it on the bumper of their car, is pretty taken with the grandkids.

And for lots of us, riding and bikes is the same way. We eat, live, breathe, talk and dream about riding, or doing this or that to our bike, or the bike we're going to get when our ship comes in....and believe me, there are worse ways to spend your dream-time!

I go to sleep every night anticipating and thinking about my next ride, or my next modification or upgrade to my bike. Sitting in the doctor's office, or waiting in line at the post office, I'm thinking about riding or some other facet of motorcycling. During other times, I'm surfing the forums, seeing what others are doing or saying about their bikes.

So I guess it was natural enough for me to name my outfit. It personalizes things for me, gives the machine another way of touching me, and me touching it. Maybe its a silly affectation, but it helps make the experience that much more enjoyable to me.

By the way, I've always wanted a Beemer. In fact, I love to read the trip reports on the Internet BMW forum ( They must be some kind of bikes, durable and long-lasting, the way they're taken around the world, time after time. I wish we could see trip reports here as well, for having a sidecar must absolutely increase the quality of the experience.

Well, catch you later Sir!


For enough trip reports to almost quench even the worst cases of cabin fever this winter take a peek at Grant Johnson's Horizons Unlimited site. Be sure to say hello to Grant from Claude at SidecarTalk. Great people and a great site indeed.

Hey Claude;

Wow! Incredible site! And you're right. If you can't do it yourself, you can certainly enjoy the adventures of others who can and have done so.



I have been told by importers that this is pronounced this as "Neper, as Neepro, and Deneper, as in Dentist. This summer I was at a craft fair tent run by an older Russian couple. They were selling everything from Military uniforms to nesting eggs. I tried each pronunciation to see if they might have something related to my sidecar. I got blank stares until I wrote it on a piece of paper. The woman then smiled and said "Dee NEE per!" With emphasis on the second syllable. She then questioned my sanity and suggested I get rid of the Dnepr and buy myself a nice Honda. She got quite a charge out of the fact that I had a Honda, but it had the Dnepr sidecar on it. She asked me what was wrong with a Honda sidecar. :0)

Hey Mike;

Dnepr...Dee-NEE-per, huh?

Well, if we'd shown that word to an 8 year old, he most likely would have said Dee-NEE-per, just like your Russian folks.

Its only us sophisticated, educated, know-it-alls who couldn't figure it out!

I'm plumb ashamed of myself....



So, de neper iz talked as, deeneeper. So I ges I wuz rong.BBB