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Do you name your outfit?


Hey Folks;

I belong to the Concours Owner's Group, and a finer group of people you'd never hope to ask for....a trait shared with present company of course.

But we do what may be an unusual sort of thing; we name our bikes ('Connie' is real popular). Most of us, when getting a new/used Concours believe that in a short time, the bike will pretty much name itself, either from some characteristic of handling, or the color scheme, perhaps a favorite activity, even as the reminder or memory of a favored wife/girlfriend; the list is pretty much endless.

As an instance, a couple of years ago I restored an '86 Connie, painting her a brilliant torch red....the bike looked hot (and still does)! So, after much throught and rumination, I named the bike "MotoRouge Piquier" which means, loosely, "Red Hot Motorcycle", or conversely, "Hot Red Motorcycle"....see what I mean?

So, how about you? Have you named your outfit? If so, what are your favorites?



When the Valkyrie first hit the streets, a guy named Craig Buhl created a website called "The Valkyries Lair", He coined the name "Dragon", based on the dictionary definition..."*Dragon;(n.) A legendary fire breathing beast of great size. Renowned for its immense power and ability to fly." I haven't really come up with something I like yet so we just refer to her as "The Dragon".On a related note, I once owned a 1942 Harley Davidson. A girlfriend named it "Teddy", after our 26th President who was known as a "Roughriding son of a *****."

You guys have got too much free time, I've called some of my rigs a lot of names but never have named one. Like "Ole Blew" (when a clutch went). "*@$#%*$%" (Panhead rig that wouldn't kick start), and like that. Heh, Heh.

Hey Guys;

I read both your replies earlier this afternoon and have spent some time doing my best to fathom the problem....and believe to have come up with a viable theory.

You see, the Concours is known as a virtually trouble free ride, comfortable, fast, relatively inexpensive, pretty sexy and just an overall good dose of panache.

So....I guess its only reasonable to give a pet name to anyone, or anything, that gives such unreserved pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction and pride of ownership as it does.

Unless something else appeals to me, the name for my new rig (just a few more weeks, mostly depending upon weather....) will mostly likely be;


But you never know until the time comes to pin that label on good and solid.

Later Y'all....


Gotta agree that the Concours is still one of the best buys on the market. I had one and sold it with 121,000 on the clock and I amy even be buying it back soon. The only problems were a cam chain tensioner that we replaced with a manual unit and a ujoint that dies at around 119,000 just before a trip to florida. This was a solo bike but if I do get it back it will be destined for a hack. It is a little rough around the edges but purely functional...I kinda liked the silver color as it was almost a dead match for the duct tape that held the cracked fairing in place.
Name? Never named it but it always brought a smile to my face.

Hi Claude;

My '86 Concours was the same color as yours....until I painted it red. And then, my '02 is now that same silver. I'm not crazy about the silver, but it seems lots of the newer sport/touring bikes, as well as lots of cars nowadays, are painted some shade of metallic color (I've a friend with an 'orange' Hummer, but that color is really a gorgeous 'metallic burnished copper, rose bronze, orange' if I ever saw one). I guess I'll keep it that way for a couple of years or so before repainting.

I've got 18,000 on mine, most of them with the wife on back. My biggest problem with the Concours has been its height and the weight of 7.5 gallons of gas right there on top of everything else....its simply too easy to drop in the parking lot, especially gravel lots (2 times and counting). That little factor right there played pretty much the major role in my deciding to go with a sidecar.

And now, I find the whole idea of the sidecar fascinating and have a really hard time waiting to get ready to go (you know how it is? you spend all that time getting the hack mounted and so forth, then realize you don't need to show it to the neighborhood until its just 'right', patched, painted properly and so forth....and your impatience grows by the minute; that's where I am right now, impatient as all get out).

I do believe the Connie has the potential to make a good sidecar bike....but naturally, I'll know lots more about that in the near future.

Catch you later!


The concours doe smake a goo dsidecar tug as some have found out. We have a couple of guys at SCT with them but one of the best known to explore the use of the connie is Vern Goodwin. Vern is well known in sidecar circles as a pioneer in the use of the electric lean device and he also manufactured the 'Good One' sidecar. He is heavy into Indians as well. Great guy.
Vern's Cycle Shop
Vern Goodwin
14900 N. 56th St.
Lincoln, NE 68514

Mine's called one of the Lee twins... either Homelee or Uglee, I can't tell them apart.

Hey Chet;

LOL! That's the first time I've seen that name applied to an inanimate object....although I blush to admit both have been applied to yours truly on occasion.

I do note the absence of 'Wonderfullee', 'Gentlee', 'Surprisinglee', 'Handsomelee', 'Dependablee', 'Goes fastlee', and other such like.

Has it seemed to you that your usages of 'lee' might possibly have been somewhat associated with the looks of your rig?

Thanks! Later....


My mother-in-law's maiden name is Lee, so it's been something of a family joke, depending how good a mood she's in.
I just got my rig last Saturday but I've had the car for just about 3 years. It's a rather ugly Smitty Hawk II (I just found that out) and it needs a bit of work. It's mounted to an 82 Goldwing and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.