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DMC sidecars, two new sidecar models

We have come out with two new models of sidecars, The M72CX and the M72DX. These two sidecars are pretty much the same as our M72C and M72D the difference it that they the X version is an extra 4 inches wider. The M72C and M72CX sidecars sit down low and look and work great with cruiser type bikes and Harley type bikes. The C runs a Harley style fender and tail light with either a 16 inch wire spoke wheel or an automotive type wheel.
The M72D sits higher and runs a 19 inch wire spoke wheel or a 15 inch automotive wheel. We will often build this sidecar to sit a bit lower but with the 19 inch wire spoke wheel. This looks real sharp on bikes like the Triumph Bonneville. The standard M72D and DX are very popular with dual sport type bikes like the BMW GS bikes, V stroms, Tigers, Quota's and similar bikes. Our current demo is on an R1200GSA BMW. On this bike it received our bike specific mounting hardware, automotive wheel for the rear of the bike that interchanges with the sidecar wheel, Electric trim, New from billet lower ball joint mount for the bike to lower steering effort, full carpet, windsheild, tonneau cover, side door, power outlet BMW type, power outlet Cigerette lighter type, Heated seat, trunk light, front rack, heavy duty rear rack, front light bar, seat belt, one gallon fuel can, one gallon water can, Two tone color matched paint sidecar brake on its own hydrolic system and a side door. These are but some of the options we often do. We will also soon have a hard locking tonneau cover which will turn the sidecar into a cargo sidecar, we have some refinements to do on the proto type.
We have mounts for many different bikes as well as new from billet triple tree's, car wheel convertions and more.
We are located at 2328 Roosevelt Ave Enumclaw WA and are open 8-4:430 M-F
Thank you.
Jay G

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30