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DMC Handicap Sidecar

Hello everyone,

Does anyone here or know anyone that has a handicap DMC Sidecar?


I'm attempting to attach a handicap car to my Gl1500 and having a bit of trouble with the subframe and struts location.

Although the company has provided some drawings they mostly cover all the mounts on my bike. Very little on an actual mount from the bike to the car.

DMC has provided 1 drawing of a typical car hookup but not specific to the Gl1500.

Just looking to confirm my existing hookup asap so we can get riding this weekend.


Thanks for any direction you may have to offer.




"Edit.....I would like to have contact with someone's that has one of these cars so they may send me a pic of their hookup.

Have you contacted Jay at DMC? They have always been helpful to me.