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DMC Expedition Sidecar

Hi, I am looking for a DMC Expedition Sidecar with or without bike. Will consider all bikes but would prefer a later model GS. Thanks, Tom Horachek , 3053933265 or

We have the Expedition, Adventure and Tomahawk SE on sale until 4/17/2020 due to C-19 for 10% off the base price if that helps. One advantage to buying new, it will come with the proper hardware for your bike and can be color matched for your bike.

We do have a 2019 R1250GSA with the Expedition sidecars, this sidecar is loaded and was intended to be our show bike at the national BMW rally. As I suspect that the rally will be canceled we could sell it. Bike has about 4000 miles on it. The sidecar has matching rear BMW GSA wheels in all three positions which with adds about $10K to the price of the sidecar to do And it has our "heavy Duty" double walled sidecar frame with Tourtech shock. $55,000 the bike is due for a service at this time and will need a new rear tire that we have on order and should have this week  but other wise everything is 100% ready to ride anywhere in the world. I have only high resolution photo's of this bike, I will try and figure out how to degrade them as they have more data then this site allows for posting. You can email me for photo's if you like.

Jay G
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