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When might the new Emergency and Friendship Directory be published.
The 2014 issue has only one member listed in MS. Have never met Spencer in Nesbit.
Cannot come up with a good reason why I haven't called him yet.
If he is still a member, there are at least three of us now. 🙂

The next Directory is set to come out with the next Sidecarist. We're hoping to go to press next week.

I am a new member, how do I go about getting listed in the directory?

The directory is compiled and printed once year. When you signed up there was a question about the directory and your listing is based on that question.

I am BiscuitsNGravey or David Mills of Gowrie, IA. I have a new phone number for the Emergency & Friendship Directory. It is: 515-351-2302

how many looked up their own name first? 🙂

I am still the only USCA member in CR, as Poncho out of my village lives in USA (never met him in person, just heard his shouting once on his father's birthday).
We have now 2 regular new rig pushers in Costa Rica and might get new members soon, as there opens this weekend a new Ural representation.
May I get a few recruiting flyers for to stir the drum?

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   How do you get on the list of people that have trailers are can help should someone have an issue in the area.

I am setup to trailer any sidecar rig. And would be willing to help any member.

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For that matter, so do I.  

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Hi all.

On the renewal sheet there are 2 questions you can answer. One is for friendship,  have a cup of coffee and conversation,  the other is for contact incase of emergency.  By checking either of those you will get listed in the directory.......Or you can tell me. 😉 (I'll need member name)


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smitty901Thane LewisFlyingMonkeys
Belinda Schraeder EA, USCA Treasurer

This might be a useful thing to add to the Q1 BOD meeting for future updates to the directory. 

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