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Delaware-SE Pa-Southern Jersey

Looking for a real live sidecar owner to some face to face advise, mentoring and just plain help in my decision to own one of these things.

Jim in Newark, DE

New to the sidecar world but I can say the wife and I are enjoying every minute of it.

In the grand scheme of being a sidehacker, I'm not sure exactly where I fit, but I've been driving mine sine 1996. I have a 1500 Honda Goldwing with a California sidecar that I've driven about 50,000 miles. I'm not sure how many miles I put on the 1200 Goldwing that I had the car on from '96 - 2000. I have taken it from my home in VA to California, north to Washington and back (that was my longest trip). I'm probably not all that close to your location, but if you'd like to make the trip to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, I'd be happy to give you any help that I can. I do have plans to be in Lake George, NY (probably June 5-8).

Connie (in Virginia)

Although we're from northern Jersey, we've been through your neck of the woods on many occasions on our way to US 13 Dragway. We decided last year to swap the drag racing for a hack, sold my last Harley to finish school years ago and never stopped missing it. We hope to get down your way sometime this summer or maybe meet somewhere in between if you'd like (Mike's Famous HD?) This is my first sidecar rig, but after the initial learning (or unlearning) curve all is well. Having my wife and daughter with me makes life good. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. If not myself someone will answer. This is a great forum for answers about all aspects of the sidecar world from real sidecar drivers. Good luck and hope to see you on the road.


The next time I come down to Newark to visit my daughter, I will try and make time to look you up. In the mean time, I suggest you click back to the Forum home page and click on Other Events and Rallys. Click on ISOK Sidecar Ron-Dee-Voo 7/23 - 7/25, 2004. I suggest you make every attempt to attend this event. You will see just about any type of sidcar and more than enough sidecarists willing to listen to any question you may have and more than willing to offer answers. After attending this event I feel you will be much more at ease and confident with your decision.