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Decisions, decisions

There I was, all decided on a RoadStar and a Spyder when I find out that the new Sportster (1200) has a new isolated engine, 2 year warrantee, yada yada. Anyway, what would the down side be of putting a Velo 562, with the heavy duty suspension onto a 1200 Sportster (other than having to have ballast when riding empty)

Thanks for the info and experience

Jim in Newark, DE

Sounds like a good affordable combo to me. I specialize in these rigs and have put quite a few Sporty/ Velo rigs together, with and without the H-D suspension package. One of my current outfits is an 883/562 outfit without the H-D option that works well and is my driver till it is sold.

I think the heavier sidecar suspension would be to your liking. Also, even though a Sportster/Velorex would make a decent rig you may want to consider installing some type of auxillary fuel tank to increase the range between fillups.
Just a coulple of thoughts..

One of the things that HD offers on this years Sportster is a 4.5 gallon tank which sure beats that litle thing!! Way back in a different century in a land far, far away I hasd a 66 XLH with the "fat" tank so I didn't have to stop every hour and a half for gas.

Thanks for the hint