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Death of member.

Claude Stanley just posted that Dave Keesee passed away last night. Dave worked at Hannigan sidecars and At Clades shop. He as friends to a lot of us and will be sorely missed. I am not aware of any arrangments at his time.

J.R. Lewis



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WOW, that's sad.  RIP Dave

RIP Dave.

Currently without a Rig as my last would not fit in the Toy Hauler. 1999 Valkyrie IS 1999 Valkyrie Trike 2006 Goldwing 2021 Ram 3500/6.7HO and 2021 Desert Fox Toy Hauler

Condolences to his family and friends 


USCA # 8913

RIP Dave, you generously helped so many people get more from their sidecars during your time here. Thank you.


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