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Deadhorse on a hack 2008

I thought I'd posted this ages ago but I must have spaced it so here 'tis. In the summer of 2008 my friend Mac and I met up in WA state and rode our rigs to Deadhorse, AK and back. I posted pics and comments on my blog beginning with background information on both of us, what we were riding, and where we went. The trip took several weeks, covered thousands of miles and was the ride of a life time for both of us.

It should be noted that Deadhorse is located at the northern end of the ALCAN highway right at the Arctic ocean, hundreds of miles beyond the arctic circle where a lot of riders turn around and head south. Anyone thinking about this trip might find this a fun read, especially if they're old geezers like Mac and I. Mac's decided to dial his adventure riding back a ways and sold Olga when he returned home whereas I'm anxious to go again, hopefully this coming summer [2014]

I hope you enjoy the read.