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Dauntless Liberator


wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the Dauntless Liberator. I’m not sure if Jay is still on this forum. I’m wondering how to change the car light. How do you get to it, it’s burned out. Any help appreciated.


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Kevin, there are questions.....always questions....

Where do YOU live?....because someone close to you may have the more adept mechanical skills to get into that sidecar and replace the light for you...for FREE.

Which light is it ? as in, the front light, the turnsignal light, the rear light, and interior light...etc, etc, etc.

The more info you can supply, the  more replies you will get with offers to help, and less guessing on the part of the readers.

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It’s the front light, on the car. I’m in Peoria, IL

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Kevin, when you open the front section of the sidecar, the nose of the sidecar, as if opening it to allow someone to get into the sidecar.....and with it open the nose...and front lights...are now pointing down towards the ground, I would think that you should be able to access the rear of that front lights from inside the sidecar. Generally those lights are mounted into a "cut-out" section of the fiberglass, rather than seated into a molded section of the fiberglass.

If you peel back any interior carpeting that is far up front inside the sidecar, do you have access to the back section of that front light?

Or....with the interior carpet peeled back, can you SEE mounting bolts/screws where the front light section has been mounted to the front of the could possibly remove those mounting bolts/screws and the front light assembly would detach from the front of the sidecar ???

It is inconceivable that anyone would mount a light assembly anywhere on a sidecar, or a motorcycle, and not allow for removal of that light assembly to replace a bulb.

LOOK.....and report back what you SEE.

Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents