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Darkside regrets???


On my 750 rig Run 155/60R15 Car tires on both rear motorcycle and on sidecar. It works well .

On the big bike and twin sidecar I run 195/60R16 an a 13 inch car tire Not a trailer tire on the sidecar. never and issue. On both the car tire helps in snow a lot.  Also seems to do much better in rain. It may just be me but I have found the Car tire with mileage ratings of 40,000 miles work better than those with ratings of 80,000. Different compounds.

  I am now working on converting the 2020 RGL to car tire in the rear. Issue is factory is an 18 inch wheel and no tire will work. Already have a 16 inch wheel set up with bearings and ready to try it. The over all height will end up about 1/2 lower. So we need to work out Effects on the traction control system.

     I will not tell others what to do. But suggest , if you remove the sidecar avoid car tire on a two wheel bike. I know it is done . I have done it. I am not sure it is a good idea.

  Any tire can fail. What cause the failure effect the out come. The worst tire failure I ever had was a valve stem on a tubed sidecar tire separated from tube. It was a wild ride until stopped.  Other than that tire it had been many years sense I ran any tube tires.  I have not forgotten the tubes getting rapped around wheel and locking a tire up. No tubes for me.


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I am triple dark side on my Sidecar rig. I am dark side on my solo 1800 Gold Wing. The idea of having run flat technology back there is very appealing.

However I am one of those who removed a car tire from the rear of my solo 1999 Valkyrie Interstate. For some reason that bike likes MC tires better.

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