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Custom Sidecar for DOGS- Ural / Dnepner

Here is the story.

I rescue English Mastiffs - I have 6 living with me now.

To answer the questions before anyone asks or is thinking:
1. yes they eat a LOT
2. yes they poop a LOT
3. yes they slobber a LOT
4. But - I love 'em all a LOT !

One of my big guys fell in love with being a monkey, and wanted to go everywhere with me.

So, I would ride him in the Ural Tourist, but it was T I G H T for him at 190lbs.

Then decided over the winter to find a good tub and modify it for my riding buddies comfort.

Got a really SOLID tub and went to work.

Came out great, BUT, I now had an unexpected issue develop.

Unbeknown to me, my newest rescue also loves to ride and throws a FIT every time I go near the bike.

Now I have 2 Mastiffs that fight to go for rides !

As you can probably picture this scenario, they are not both going to fit in the tub.

Tired it twice, not a good thing when they jockey for position in the tub at 50 MPH.

Decided to build a custom tub from the ground up that fits both of them safely, and finished it up a few weeks ago - works PERFECTLY as designed from the get go and both dogs are happily wagging their tails.

So I now putting this up for sale if someone has a desire to have their dogs accompany them on rides - it works great for them and everyone loves the sight of dogs in sidecars - and the dogs have a bit more room and are much more comfortable for longer rides.

As per the pics, the tub is SOLID, had no weak spots or rust thru (really a nice tub) and I did a LOT of grinding and sanding multiply layers of paint and filler to get it to the bare metal to start it off right.

The side opening has been welded shut.

The floor has some dents and dings, I did not really do a lot to make that perfect as I was going to cover it over with carpet and use SEM Chip Guard paint on the inside.

I cut out the tub to the larger opening, welded a complete cage around the perimeter (it is solid and does not flex) that allows the dog room to shift around safely without worry of him jumping out - the top rail is approximately 31" above the tub floor, keeps the dogs inside while allowing full wind in their face.

Rear safety gate lifts out very easily and is held in place by 4 hinge pins - layout works excellent for easy entry and exit for the passengers.

I have epoxy sealed the bare metal, and did the bodywork and first primer.

I am not a auto body man by any stretch, but it turned out rather nice for a tub that is going to be used for dogs, slobber, drool, and scratching paws.

Used good materials - Sealers and primer are Kirker Paints (Summit Racing or AutoBody Toolmart) and body filler are all Evercoat products (Light Weight and Rage Gold).

Body is now in feather fill primer ready for your final blocking and paint or leave it as is.

My opinion is that if you are going to use flat paint, the body is real close to acceptable. If you are going to paint it gloss, you will need to block it out to make it perfect.

I cannot count hours spent sanding, grinding, welding, etc.

It was solely for my dogs, but I wanted it to be somewhat presentable.

Really don't know how to set selling price (Will never get money for total labor hours spent anyway - always is the case) and after calling 2 of the better known Ural dealers, I have been told that tub bodies are going for about $ 775 - 850 in various conditions.

Based on that, I am going to throw it out there for $ 750 / BO and see what interest goes from there.

At that price, I am losing, but I will not need this anymore and I really think that this is a really cool setup if you are wanting to haul your dog(s) around with you safely and comfortably.

You can finish to your taste or leave it as is.

Will work with you on getting it shipped, but I think that Uship would be cheapest because it can be placed right into a pickup truck or van = more shipping bidders.

Shoot me a line if interested and we can chat and answer any questions.
This is a Ural tub, so it should also fit Dnepner's or other bikes using a Ural sidecar frame.

Price - $750 / BO
Location - Maryland (on the PA line)




Can not seem to figure out how to post pics, email me and I can send them.

Upload the pics to a site such as Photobucket then just post a link. We like pics.

Or click edit on your post and you'll see "add or remove attachment" or similar wording. Click that, then click browse to find the file you want to load, and re-submit. Bingo!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

If you still have it I am interested. My little guy and our dog want to ride. it should fit them well. Can you send a few photos?

More interested in the mastiffs. Planned on getting a neo but am open to English. How old are they usually when rescued?

my english puppy is going on 9 yrs now and i've always thought he would love to ride. i always tell anyone that asks that i've never had a better sidekick. having mentioned that, would you have anyway you could email pix to me? if so i can pm you my email account. i'm interested in your setup. thanks ahead of time

Is this sidecar still for sale??