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CSC FIII on the GL1800

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 Maybe a couple of those Ural snowmen in the back would level it out? They would soften the monkey's ride. 

Ladies and Gentlemen 

It is my Pleasure to introduce to you, after long ado My Main Squeeze and Lil on the side 


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SwampFoxMGV8Dave Skudlarek
USCA # 8913

Looks good Ace! (and folks will certainly be able to see it on the road)


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nice Ace


Ace, that really is sweet looking rig. The paint match looks perfect in the photos. Am looking forward to seeing it in person.

How many miles on the Wing?  Are you making any special accommodations in the sidecar for your lovely partner?

Hope you guys are going to make the rally in Hotchkiss in July.


  Sure looks good. Enjoy it.

Sweet rig👍‼️

so I have got around to fabricating the rear frame bracket for my top. I have a good start on it. As it turns out the frame for the vinyl top is now made of unobtainium  so finding one has proven to be impossible. the car came with the vinyl top but no frame. I did luck up and find the front 3 pieces at FL. Sidecars and now those are no longer available anywhere. I have a friend with an F3 and he took pictures and got measurements of the rear section for me. I used that and  I began the task of bending the tube to make the part. I had an old metal frame chair that I cut up to get the tube from, it's really too big but was perfect for that first attempt. I have the bow part with the pins done and put in place temp. so I can get the measurements  for the lower part, one I get that sorted out and welded onto the bracket I have to build the 2 plates that mount on the cars frame that the top bow fits into. this has been a rather daunting task with a ton of test fitting being needed to get the bends right and get the pins in the right spot so the frame fits together smoothly 

I'll get a couple pictures added later 

once I get this first one done and am happy with the fitment I will get the proper size tubing and use this one as a guide to build a new one that will be the final part ,,,, Yeah 

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USCA # 8913

Progress is good. Looking forward to seeing photos as you continue to build out.

well finally got around to working on the top frame again. I came up with a different idea than the factory design to keep the tension for the top I am trying out to see how it does.  so far it seems to work well and is easy to set up. time will tell if I will keep it or go more with the factory design

also decided to adjust the toe IN a little more, seems to be pulling right just a touch more than I like 

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USCA # 8913
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