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CSC FIII on the GL1800

Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with the results. it's been a good 5 years or more since I have painted anything so I was pretty nervous to take on the job. I wanted to farm it out but not one paint shop in our area would touch it. I wanted to use PPG but they wanted 400 per QT. I went with Color rite and I'm glad I did, they have the paint per the paint code and the match is fantastic. 




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still chipping away at it. I got the new seal installed around the main hatch, got the carpet glued back in place. here is another shot

I'll get more recent pics added soon as I have more done since this one was taken. I am almost done with the frame, added the extension so it will work with the Goldwing and I'm almost done building my tilt trim bracket. I have to admit I sure wish I could have found one to buy, been a little trial and error with fabricating it myself. 

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That is looking sharp. Hopefully we see it in person next summer at the rally?



so I have finished the build of the bracket/mount for the tilt trim and adding the extension to the frame, I wired up a couple relays and hooked it up to do a test run and I am happy to report everything works perfect. so now I can take it back home and paint the new extension to the frame and all the brackets for the trim motor

Now I need to get off my tail and start installing the subframe on the bike so I can marry these two