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Couldn't Resist

Anyone else think it's kinda funny when two-word posts have closings that take up 12 lines?

Legal Guardian for da Luker
1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400
19?? California sidecar with Jeep replacement seat and non-functioning radio but nice paint job
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Toyota Salara
Old Olds
Original owner of Rick's Buddy bike
Old semi-retired fart

hey ron,
i used to see your posts on the yahoo site but when they went to all the advertising pop ups my modem was just too slow. glad to see that you and the luker are still out on 3 wheels. i'll be up there for punkinfest.

al collins
(dadbeem, on the west coast of illinois)

Hi Al,

Thanks for touching base. Luke and I just got back from a little 80 miler. It's just tooooo nice to stay home and his assistant wasn't here today. The fellow and Luke were in an accident last Thursday and he's not back to work yet, so Luke was getting some "cabin fever" on this great day. We've been over your way many times this summer. In fact, last Monday I took a friend to White Pines and then down to Lowell in Dixon. He nearly dumped his BMW P-D in the stream in White Pines even though I warned him that crossing on 2 wheels was a risk.

I don't visit/post at the other site any more.

Best wishes,

Ron and Luke