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Correct procedure for Election Commettee and vote reporting

This is the procedure as stated in the USCA By-Laws for selecting a election commettee and reporting the vote result.

Article 5 section A second paragraph;
The nomination Committee chair will be appointed by the incumbent Board for the upcomming election, any members of the committee will be members not serving on the currant board or seeking election.

Article 5 section B Third line;
The election commettee will tally the vote and report to the incumbent Secretary the results. The Secretary will then notify the Board and the Editor of the results, who shall print them in the sidecarist.

At the 2004 National rally the then setting Board found it necessary not to seat the new board members at the rally because the By-Laws said it was to be done on July first. I commend the the then setting Board for following the Constitution and by laws on election issues and as Vice President will strive to steer the present Board to follow the example set by our prior Board Members.
Colby M Cousineau
Vice President USCA

Thanks for posting the procedure. Are we going to use the "Correct Procedure" as stated in the Constitution for nominations? Not trying to start a fight, just asking a question.