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Considering a side car tig

I seldom pass on ads but this looks really good.  I wish I had started out with something like this and it's a really good price for a full EML rig...

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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

What a beautiful rig.  Is that an Aussie in the car?  

I'm really enjoying my new GU.  Just picked it up on Tuesday.  Today was dry and I was able to put about 50 miles of relaxed riding on it.  The mirrors are on long stalks and vibrate so that I can see objects but I'm not sure what they are.  The left mirror is worse than the right. I can't say I feel much vibration in the hand grips but the mirrors have the shakes.  Is this a common lament?  Gaining more confidence with every mile.



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You may want to go on the Soviet Steeds website and forum. They are a group that seem to be knowledgeable on all things (and years) Ural.

Hey Samuel, why not start a new thread talking about your experiences and your questions?  More people will find it.

Yes, the mirrors vibrate, but then in my experience most bike mirrors do. What you are doing is perfect, take it easy starting out, get a feel for the rig and how it handles. You're learning new techniques that are different from riding two wheels. 

Spend some time in a large open empty parking area practicing figure eights, panic stops, even flying the chair on purpose, just to get the feel so if it does come up on you one day you won't panic.

Great looking rig, congratulations