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Considering a side car tig

Congratulations Sam, I don't believe I have seen that color combination before.  What are the details...


 That sure is sharp looking. Good luck and have a lot of fun with it. 

Sam: That's a fine-lookin rig. Congratulations.

In addition to this forum, you may also want to peruse the Ural-related posts on   Also Soviet steeds is a forum dedicated to Urals



Congratulations Sam!  That is a fantastic looking GU.  I haven't seen that color combo before.  It really looks good with that black powertrain!


Northern Illinois 2012 Ural GU

That's a darn good looking addition to your stable!! One more comment... The best compliment I got during mine and Archie's Ural days was once when my riding buddy, Buzzard, (now departed) and I were riding south from Springdale on WA SR231. I was in the lead on the Ural, Buzz following on his Vulcan on two wheels. We'd ridden together long enough I knew he liked to push it. So I was pushing the Ural pretty good. Where Corkscrew Canyon road comes onto 231, there was a young couple pulled to the side on their bike. I turned around and went back to see if they needed help. They'd got into some gravel on Corkscrew Canyon and were letting their heart rates slow a bit but didn't need help. I asked Buzz how he was doing. His response was, "I was kinda wishing you'd slow down a bit." Best compliment I ever got while riding the Ural. Other than how sweet it looked. Even, "Wow!! Did you restore that old Beemer yourself?" Ha.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Tom, thats a great story.  Hope I'm not gonna be the guy on the side of road waiting to calm down.

 CCjon, it has factory installed options: three tone paint (including the rims) powder coated drivetrain, undercoated sidecar & fenders, spray on liner (sidecar interior & trunk) fuel tank storage compartment, classic lighting kit.

Dealer installed: trickle charger harness,  enclosed wiring and will be replacing the standard tandem seat with dual tractor seats.

Any members in Rhode Island?

It looks like you got it at New England Ural. Wish you good luck with it, enjoy it.


Yes, it came from their shop, Alphacars, Spencer. MA.   I also visited their main showroom in Boxborough.   Very cool place.  Russian cars and cycles.  Restored bikes from former Soviet states.  Various exotic cars etc.  The owner is Russian, quite personable, so far a good experience.

I met up with Dmitry years ago, all I can say he his one nice show room and a lot of Urals in stock.

If it weren't for sidecars, I wouldn't be able to ride anymore, just can't hold a bike up anymore in my condition. It would also suck for my dog Tucker!



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