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Considering a side car tig

Hi all, just registered on the forum.  Been riding two wheel bikes for 50 years.  While at a Royal Enfield shop that is also a Ural dealer, I got a bee in my bonnet about buying a new Gear Up.  Went back and  took one for a short test ride.  Really enjoyed it. Am I nuts?  Is the learning curve reasonable?  Are the new Urals a good choice.  Pricey, but they seem purpose built for side cars.  Reliable?  Appreciate any advice.








Welcome Sam, many of us here started with Ural rigs, they are great way to try sidecaring to see if you like it.  Piloting a sidecar is not difficult but it is different than two wheels. There will be a few two wheel habits you will need to un-learn.

On my first Ural the best advice I received was to stay at or under the posted speed limit while you are learning. Mistakes can happen fast at speed, so take it easy, practice in a large parking lot making figure eights, left and right turns to get a feel for how the rig reacts to direction changes, braking, accelerating. Nothing difficult just learning new skills needed to handle a new machine, be it a four wheeler, tractor, snowmobile, sidecar, etc.

After learning to pilot a rig, many of us sold our two wheels as they just sat in the garage unridden. Sidecars are blast to ride,  attract a lot of attention, kids and dogs love to go with you. And in many ways safer than two wheels.



I’m still a sidecar noob myself and have a number of reasons to get into it. Let’s just say that the rabbit hole is deep with many branches. 

might help us all to know what region you live in. Some areas have many more rigs available than others; ask me how I know!


There are 10's of thousands of posts both here and on about this, many people are passionate about their Ural's and think that they are the best thing ever. I purchased my first Ural with 12 kilometers on it (not 12,000 just 12) broken and not running. Every year Ural owners tell you that the new one is much more reliable, and they are getting there. Back when they first came into the country they made AMF era Harley's look like reliable bikes in comparison.

I like to say that Ural's are really fun toy's never to be confused with transportation (I say the same about my 1953 MG)

A Ural may be the right bike for you, or you may find that you quickly out grow it. If you are looking for a new vintage bike for secondary roads then it might be the right fit. If on the other hand you want a bike you dump gas in, jump on the freeway and head across the county on you will be disappointed in it. My current bike is a 2019 BMW R1250GSA with our Expedition sidecar on it. I tell people it is what a Ural would be had then not stopped R&D 80 years ago.

Jay G
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No, you are not nuts. You are about to embark on a new adventure and thrill. My wife decided to quit riding after many years of riding on the back seat on two wheels. I thought perhaps she'd enjoy the view from a sidecar rather than the back of my helmet but I didn't expect to like three wheels. I always thought that's for riders who can't handle two wheels. Although a long time friend missing his right leg up high still rode on two. But on the chance Barb would continue to go along, I bought Hal Thompson's Ural. Barb tried it on one day long ride and said she still was going to give it up. I discovered a new thrill and my boxer, Archie, loved the sidecar. This is nearing 20 years ago now. After a few years of riding the Ural while the Harley mostly sat, I knew there was no going back. Sold the Ural, my Kwik Kamp trailer and an old parts tractor and ordered the Liberty for the Harley. Archie died in 2010. Petey is now my sidecar sidekick and the adventures continue. Although I must admit covid put the kibosh on things for a time and health reasons have cut into the number of miles we ride now. And, I always have to say, watch the video Sit, Stay, Ride, the story of America's sidecar dogs. A fine documentary. Also just before covid, I had the chance to buy my old Kwik Kamp back still color matched to my FLH. They way things are now, it might be up for sale and we'll be camping in a hotel.

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I have re-entered the sidecar experience after a 20 year absence myself.  A Ural seemed like the obvious choice for me to get back into the fun.  I am enjoying my 2012 GU very much.  I highly recommend it.  Take is easy and ease into it.  In the beginning approach curves at half the speed you might think you can handle  and work your way up slowly.  Take the advice of others with experience and you will be having a blast in a short time. 

Urals are not the bargains they once were, but reliability has continually improved.  Buy one from a competent dealer and purchase the 3rd year warranty coverage for peace of mind.  In spite of the higher prices Ural now gets for these bikes I think they are a solid value. 


Northern Illinois 2012 Ural GU

Totally nuts. But so what .

I am no fan of the Ural. But it has a place. Problem is after you buy it and learn you want to move on to more and better you done spent the cash on a Ural.


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 I have a Ural they are not for ever body, but they are fun to ride. Go for secondary roads and in no hurry. The biggest problem is finding good dealer support. I luck out and went a different route. I also have a few more other rigs and they have there places.   

I plan on riding with my dog, my kids, and anyone who wants to come along.  I expect to be riding closer to home, back roads, maybe some trails when I get some experience.  This will be a new skill and a super addition to my garage.  For long rides I have a Roadglide, for fun I have a 57 Panhead that I can still kick, for a little more sport I have an old Bonniville.  Now that I'm retired, my focus to have fun and this is going to be lots of fun.  I went to the dealers main location yesterday to see his inventory.  I think I've made up my mind which one to buy.  I'll post a photo when I do.  I'm so glad that I found this forum.  Seems like I'm already making new friends.  


I pulled the trigger

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