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Connecticut rides

please let me know about rides in Connecticut or a pm.thanks.

I am available for a ride most days.


Mystic ,CT

Weds would be OK. I have about a 60 miles trip through the woods

I know this is an old thread. But if anyone is still interested. I just took delivery of a new Ural GU. I am in Columbia, not far from either Windham or Mystic.
Fair warning I am a total newbie, so still going rather slow. I would welcome some help from the more experienced.

Come on down.

I can give you some lessons.



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🙂 Mitch next door in Willimantic great to have someone in the area.

I have 2013 tourist in Willimantic

iwrench2 - 1/30/2017 3:19 PM

I have 2013 tourist in Willimantic

Hi Iwrench2, have you been out riding on these nicer weekends? 45 and above I am ok in colder I need some warmer gear?
I will PM you my phone #

change my settings wasn't setup for pm email not sure why all set. Haven't been out. going to do some service next week on it.

Still waiting for a ride connection guys

"Thumper Steve" is in Glastonbury ( and looking for reasonable weather. Could use some lessons from you more experienced folks.
Donmystic1: I go to Mystic from time to time..........perhaps my wife and I could do a meet up with you? I'd love some pointers from someone up close and personal, instead of "online."